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* Derek Dearden - RepRap
* Derek Dearden - RepRap
* [[User:Chris3DSmith|Christopher Smith]] RepRap (Ecksbot Variant)
* [[User:Chris3DSmith|Christopher Smith]] RepRap (Ecksbot Variant)
* James Bruton
'''Members currently building/repairing 3D Printers:'''
'''Members currently building/repairing 3D Printers:'''

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3D printing is a fantastic technology that looks set to change our lives as it impacts on a wide range of industries. In the last few years it has also become far more accessible with open source designs like the RepRap putting affordable working 3D printers into the hands of hobbyists and amateurs.

Some members of the SoutHACKton group have built or are currently building 3D printers and we have formed a Southampton RepRap user group which meet regularly. There is a diverse range of engineering disciplines involved in creating a 3D printer from mechanics to electronics so being part of a small group can be very helpful because we can draw from a diverse talent pool. We bounce ideas and help each other out where possible.

If you have any interest in 3D printing or want to know more please feel free to contact us through the mailing list, or join us on irc.freenode.net channel #southackton or our facebook group

The SoMakeIt Reprap 3D Printer

There is a RepRap (Eksbot Variant) printer currently commissioned and functioning at the SoMakeIt workshop. It is available for all members to use but we request that anyone wanting to print please respect the print queue detailed below, and be comfortable with the proper use of the printer. Training is available and workshops will be run regularly for new members who are interested in using it.

Please use the 3D printing PC (Luigi) to do all slicing and printing.

There is a smaller Huxley design machine currently being tweaked and commissioned by [user:RichUni|Richard Lewis], more info on when that is ready for group use will be posted on this page in due course.

Print Queue

To ensure full usage of our 3D printer we have a print queue which is maintained on this wiki page. Please where possible make sure the printer is in use and printing the items on this list.

Carefully consider printing times and urgency of your part before starting a print as well as take careful note of amount of filament to be used so the job can print in the time the space is open. While the printer can be operated remotely it must be supervised at all times so the printer will be turned off when the space is locked up regardless of your print status!

It would also be extremely helpful if anything to be printed was presliced before being taken to the space/plugged into the printer. You can do this on Luigi if required.

Bare in mind there is a cost associated with the filament, electricity used and general wear and tear of the printer so donations specifically to the 3D printer are very welcome. If you use the printer a lot then a spool of PLA/ABS would be very welcome ;)

Items to print:

  • Antons Arduino box
  • Andy B's printer parts:
Total cost 64.2786m 0.25 / m £16
To Be Printed (GCode Files) GCode STL Filament
1-Base-w-endstop-mnt gcode stl 6123.0mm
2-E-Body gcode stl 5508.0mm
5-zendstop_v3 gcode stl 456.5mm
6-ESmgr1 gcode stl 705.7mm
7-pb-Base-v2 gcode stl 5965.6mm
9-pb-BeltClip-x2 gcode stl 2573.0mm
9-pb-BeltClip gcode stl 1288.4mm
10-pb-X-Carriage-v2 gcode stl 2584.9mm
12-pb-X-Idler gcode stl 5007.5mm
13-pb-X-Motor gcode stl 6108.4mm
14-pb-Xtruder-Mount-v2 gcode stl 2230.6mm
17-pb-Y-Bearing-Guide gcode stl 365.7mm
19-pb1-y-stop-fix gcode stl 341.6mm
20-pulley10t gcode stl 483.7mm
21-x-motor-v3 gcode stl 6249.6mm
22-Z-Coupler (3 more needed) gcode stl 645.0mm
Already Printed (GCode Files) GCode STL Filament
16-pb-Y-BarEnd-x4 gcode stl 1350.7mm
4-E-Lg-gear gcode stl 2229.1mm
18-pb1-x-stop-fix gcode stl 267.7mm
3-E-Idler gcode stl 1312.9mm
22-Z-Coupler (1 printed) gcode stl 645.0mm
  • Chris Smiths's Parts:
To Be Printed (GCode Files) STLs
2 No. Geared Cubes (one for me, one for James S [To be sliced!] STL
1 No. Arduino/RAMPS mount for printer [To be sliced!] STL
1 No. Geared Heart (once I have some pink/red ABS [To be sliced!] STL

We've created some guides to aspects of 3D printing here:

3D scanning

3D modeling

The Southampton RepRap users group (So RepRap)

The Southampton RepRap users group meets once a month to discuss 3D printing, showcase the technology and hold a troubleshooting clinic.

The last event was held at Southampton University Building on Sunday 24th February and was enjoyed by all. At least 8 printers were brought along, 3 of which managed to have some build issues solved and several were able to do working demo's. The staff at the University also kindly gave us a tour of their 3D printing facilities.

Photos can be found here

We currently have at least 10 personal printers among the group.

Members with working 3D Printers:

  • Bracken - RepRap Prusa i2
  • Mark Hindess - RepRap
  • Mark Benson - RepRap
  • Derek Dearden - RepRap
  • Christopher Smith RepRap (Ecksbot Variant)
  • James Bruton

Members currently building/repairing 3D Printers:

  • Richard Lewis eMaker Huxley (RepRap Design) - Fixing Hardware & Software Issues

Designs by SoRepRap and other So Make It members can be found on our git repo. Please help to keep this updated.

Upcoming events

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