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A few so make it members are building a replica Dalek. Once complete it might be used for fundraising or include some useful features such as doubling as a money box or tool box etc.
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So Make It

A number of So Make It members are building a replica Dalek as a group project. Once complete it might be used for fundraising or include some useful features such as doubling as a money box or tool box etc.

Help and input are very welcome and comments can be posted to our discussion here


Project Outline

The design points agreed on so far are:

We are building a 2005 series prop replica Dalek as close to the plans we have. It will be remote controlled/autonomous controlled with the likes of arduino/raspberry pi or similar using the wheelchair for motorisation. Weaponry will be a light and gentle water pistol (we're not building a water cannon) although this will be low priority and electronics will at the very least have a speech synthesiser for the Dalek voice and lights that flash in time with speech. Possible modifications and improvements later could include a camera, parking sensors as servo controlled gun/eyestalk/plunger movement.

The project will be stored neatly in boxes where possible near the double doors so it can be moved/wheeled out of the way if the doors are needed. Every effort should be made to tidy away the project at the end of every build session so not to take up too much room or leave a mess.

We will try to make the build so that it can split into at least two parts so it might fit in a car for transport.

We have a deadline of 14th of June to get the project completed if possible as this will be Southampton's Ejectorseat festival and a great opportunity to showcase our space with this project.

As per our last AGM, £100 of So Make It money has been put towards the project.


General Build

We started by making a cardboard cutout of the top and bottom of the internal base so we could see that the wheelchair would fit. It did and we also discovered that the wheelchair can decrease in width significantly if required. Some effort needs to be made to configure the wheelchair to the required size and modify the frame so it stays rigid. The two front wheels may need to change to one single wheel to fit the chair into the build properly and still retain decent control.

We will need to purchase nuts and bolts to replace some of the rusted/worn locknuts and bolts on the chair and the main chair frame could probably do with a clean and treatment to avoid further rust/decay.


We purchased a sheet of 18mm MDF from Wickes and started with the top part of the Fender, the largest part of the build. We had technical drawings for the other parts of the fender so they were cut from the same 18mm MDF sheet. Some extra support pieces need making to keep the fender together and possibly we will need to buy some expanded foam.

We'll also need to source some rubber strips to go around the fender.

Motorisation and Power

James147 is working on adapting the existing control system so it can work with an micro controller (specific one TBD)

We have tested the 24V wheelchair motors and got them working at the expense of removing the electric brake. We probably don't need this at the speed we will be going and can engage the motors in the opposite direction to brake if required. The 12V SLA batteries are only registering around 10.5V so may require a charge


Daverowntree has helped us etch and drill the PCB for the Voice modulator.

AK has volunteered to solder the components and get the board working.

Chris3DSmith will be working on getting speech to transmit remotely and has some ideas using a headset microphone and a 433Mhz transmitter/receiver.


Plans can be found on the forum www.projectdalek.co.uk Please sign up as a member there and contribute.

A discussion can be found on the project on our google group here:


We're uploading all photo's to the flickr feed here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/90647411@N04/

We should try to keep a build log on the so make it site but also cross post build details to the www.projectdalek.co.uk site. Lots of effort has been put into the plans so if we can contribute something back it would be fantastic :)

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