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== Do you have any form of group membership? ==
== Do you have any form of group membership? ==
Not yet but please [[mailto:join@somakeit.org.uk|talk to us]] and it’s something we can probably arrange.
Not yet, but please [mailto:join@somakeit.org.uk get in touch] because it's something we're keen to add!
== Do you have an age restriction for members? ==
== Do you have an age restriction for members? ==

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Where do I sign up?

You can sign up at our members site here. Once approved please arrange via standing order for your membership fee or if you prefer – you can pay cash directly to one of the trustees.

How much does my membership cost?

The membership fee is still based on a “pay what you feel the space is worth’ system so we ask you to pay only what you can afford and what you feel access to the space is worth to you. We’d like to see a minimum of £5 per month but obviously we do have bills to pay, equipment to buy and will eventually have rent to pay so an average of £20 per month is required to make this work.

Please be generous!

Do you do any discounts for students/OAPs etc?

No as we have an open payment structure, if you feel you can’t afford any more you could pay as little as £5 per month.

I can’t even afford that , can I still use the space?

Unfortunately not. We have to draw a line somewhere otherwise we’d never have any money at all and it wouldn’t be fair on our paying members. The good news is you can still attend our open evenings every last Tuesday of the month.

Do I have to be a member to use the space?

At the moment yes, but we will be shortly looking into associate membership and we hold open days on the last Tuesday of every month that anybody can come along to.

Do you have any form of group membership?

Not yet, but please get in touch because it's something we're keen to add!

Do you have an age restriction for members?

Members can be any age at all however we ask that all children under the age of 16 are accompanied by a guardian while in the workshop. More details can be found here.

Where does my money go?

We currently have bills to pay including insurance and electricity but in the future will have business rates, rent, internet and more so are making sure we can cover all this. Any excess will go towards equipment and tooling for the space. We don’t expect or aim to make any profits.

I don’t have much more money to give but can I still help?

Yes! We have a massive to do list updated on our wiki here. Also showcasing any projects you do by either bringing them to our open nights or making blogs/videos can generate lots of great awareness of the space.

Obviously donations of tools and equipment are also needed.

Do you have rules for using the space?

Our rules can be found on our wiki page here. We also ask everybody to sign a disclaimer.

I have a group/club that would perhaps benefit from using your facilities or working with you

Again please talk to us and we may be able to work something out.

Do you accept giftaid?

We’ll be happy to take any donation no matter how big or small but unfortunetly do not qualify as a charity so can not claim gift aid. This is something we may look at doing in the future.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Wheelchair access is unfortunately limited – please see here for more details of the workshop access and location.

I would like to run an event/workshop/talk

Great! Let us know what you want to do and we’ll help you arrange it as best we can. Bare in mind we can’t advocate anything morally ambiguous or plain illegal and ask that any talks are relevant to the space and activities. i.e no talks on religion or politics please!

Can we buy XYZ piece of equipment?

We’ll buy tools and equipment based on demand so if you can prove to us there are enough people who want a particular thing, we’ll work towards getting hold of said thing.

Can I become a trustee?

Yes, any member can become a trustee by being voted in at our AGM. If you want to do this please speak to the current trustees first so we can explain what’s required and make sure you are suitable.

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