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So Make It is a non-profit Makerspace in Southampton, UK. This wiki is intended to be a repository of knowledge about the space and its members - if you are a member of So Make It or one of its Subgroups then please jump in and contribute!

Check out our main website.

The Space

We are based at unit F, Liners Industrial Estate just off Pitt Road in Southampton a short walk from major bus routes, the central station and not too far from the city centre. As you would expect, there are plenty of facilities nearby.

See the History page for a brief overview of how we got where we are and our past activities.

We are filling the space with more Tools all the time, if you need something, please do suggest it. If you have something servicable you can loan or donate to the space, that would be excellent!

Opening Hours

Tuesday 19:30–22:00
Thursday 19:30–22:00
Friday 09:30–12:30

These are our regular opening times. More details can be found here.

Some subgroups organise regular meetings at the space in addition to the regular opening times. See the calendar above for details.

We can open at other times on request if a keyholder is available, and we'll let everyone know if we do this. Our Slack channels and our Google group are good places to keep up to date with or request ad hoc opening times.

How to talk to us

The best (And official) way to talk to us is via the Mailing list, it's good for talking about projects, asking for help. Or organising an ad-hoc opening of the space. Important announcements go out to this list, so we recommend you subscribe.

A significant portion of us hang out on Slack a lot, it's good for much the same sort of banter. You might also want to check out smib the chat bot.

Joining the space

How to Join - Details of how to become a member.

Member Induction - Induction for new members.

Rules - All users of the space should read and abide by these rules.


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Interest Hubs
3D Printing Laser Cutting Workshop Electronics Crafting
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How to Find Us
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So Make It, Unit F, Liners Industrial Estate SO15 3FQ

Also see our Opening Hours

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Important Pages

Information for new members:

Membership FAQ - Frequently asked questions about membership
Member Induction - Induction for new members
Rules - All users of the space should read and abide by these rules
Large Change Process - How to excellently change things at the space.
Member Storage Policy - How and what members can keep at the space.

Information about the facilities:

Tuck Shop - Info on our tuck shop snacks and drinks
Equipment Donations - If you have some equipment you can spare to help us get off to a running start, please list it here
Thank-you's - We didn't get here on our own, find out some of the people that helped us on our way!
Infrastructure - Information on space infrastructure both physical and not
Tools - A list of tools available at SMI

Members - More information for members

Other: Help The Space - Things you can do that help So Make It - mostly for free! Processes - Example processes for making stuff.
Video Making - Information on making videos for the space or your projects
Marketing - Guide to So Make It branding and marketing
Nearby Makerspaces - Makerspaces, hackerspaces and similar organisations near Southampton.
Insurance - Details of our insurance policies
Meetings - Details of previous and upcoming meetings
Links - Links to other useful sites

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Subgroups [Edit ]

Fill me in: please help by filling this section in!

These are some of the groups who are planning to use the makerspace. We welcome any artists, engineers, programmers, hackers, makers, tinkerers or anyone creative. If you run a group, or are planning to start one, why not get in touch?

Joinus (1).png

If you run or are part of a group that you feel might benefit from working with us or at our space please contact us

  • Micro South Coast
  • Sew Bake Knit
  • Solent 3D Printing User Group
  • Southampton Costume and Props Meetup
  • South Coast Amiga Rendezvous
  • Southampton Council / Sustrans Bike Kitchen
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Current Active Projects [Edit ]
Project name Participants
433MHz Benjie
433Mhz Spathiphyllum Chris3DSmith
ARM Printer Electronics and Firmware Bracken
Aeroponics Xanadu
Bicycle Computer / Camera Stuphi
BrewSwitch Akbsteam
CubePro Duo Rebuild Pbgben
DSLR Camera Slider Antfurn
Dalek Chris3DSmith
Digital Callipers Bracken
Furby Protection And Rehabilitation Program (FPARP) Chris3DSmith
Generic CNC Tool Platform RichUni
GoPro 360 pano Antfurn
High Altitude Ballooning PaulChandler
LED LightBox Antfurn
MAME Arcade Machine Asbestospiping
Members Area Benjie
Mindful Music Benjie
More Environmental Sensing Jsr38
Motion Control Protocol Bracken
MultiCopter Chimicus
Nature Box Benjie
Dave Gillam
Nixi-clock Richard Graham
Octoprint all the things Abrugsch
Open Source Brain Computer Interface James Hardiman
Orbiter CCTV Camera Benjie
Pedal car bodywork RichardJ
PocketCNC Ak
QuadCopter Scratch Build Yommy
Quadricycle RichardJ
Reflow Oven Bracken
Repair Winkku units RichardJ
RiverMonitor Antonpiatek
Rover James147
Screen printing Xanadu
SoCastIt Holly
Steadycam Scorpia
TLC5940 Driver for Rpi Scorpia
The Door Bracken
Tiny IR equipped dev board and receiver Bracken
Velocity Chronograph Benjacobs
Vender Pbgben
WhiteBoard Plotter Daverowntree
Wiki Cleanup Abrugsch
Wireless Temperature Bugs Edbrereton

See all projects

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