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  • Rules
    • Rules regarding access to the makerspace for under 18s.
  • Workshops
    • Shrimping it
    • Git
  • Kickstarter
    • A kickstarter campaign to fund a private space for our now established makerspace.
  • Events
    • Socal event (trips to pubs/days out etc)
  • Location
    • What should we do after october?
  • Meetings
    • How frequent should they be?
  • Mailing lists
    • Trustees list should be used less often
      • Perhaps a new mailing list for general "running the space" list is required?
      • Goal is to keep more members involved
    • Do we need a newsletter mailing list to post events, new blog posts and news? [weekly?]
    • Is it time to rename/move the southackton list?
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