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This page shall list the agenda for the next general meeting. It will be forked and purged of content each time a meeting has been held.

The next meeting is scheduled for: 21/03/2015, 14:00, at So Make It

Chairperson: Benjie Gillam

Secretary: Jem Gillam

Treasurer: Chris Smith



  1. Welcome and overview of the last year, Benjie Gillam
  2. Reaffirm current trustees
  3. Approve new trustees
    1. Paul Davies stands as a trustee. Proposed by Chris Smith, seconded by Alistair Brugsch
    2. Dave Rowntree stands as a trustee. Proposed by Benjie Gillam, seconded by James Bruton
  4. Approve the accounts
    1. Accounts summary for last year
    2. Overview of the current accounts
  5. Proposals
    1. Proposal: Changes to So Make It Ltd's constitution to enable a non-paying "member" to be converted to a "friend". Proposed by Chris Smith, seconded by Bracken Dawson
    2. Proposal: Change our rule on U18s, to include 16 & 17 year olds in the makerspace.
    3. Proposal: Empty Desk policy.
      1. A) Proposed by Chris Smith, seconded by Dave Rowntree
      2. B) Amendment to include a lost property box. Proposed by Benjie Gillam, seconded by James Bruton
    4. Proposal: Modification to our junk shelf policy
      1. A) Proposal for modifications to the Junk Shelf rules to mark each item with the date of arrival
      2. B) Proposal for simple modifications to the Junk Shelf rules
    5. Proposal: Implement a policy on taking on big projects from external groups or non-members.
      1. A) Proposal A. Proposed by Chris Smith, seconded by TBC
      2. B) Proposal B. Proposed by Benjie Gillam, seconded by TBC
  6. Review of 3D printing charges
  7. Any other business
    1. SHORT lecture on Health & Safety
    2. SHORT talk on members stepping up to help
  8. End of AGM
  9. Q&A with the trustees


Change our charter to allow us to remove non-paying members


A) Proposal A

Add the following subclause to clause 22 of our articles:

22.4: A person's membership terminates if, at a meeting of the Directors at which a quorum of the Directors are present, a resolution is passed resolving that the member be expelled on the ground that his or her continued membership is harmful to or is likely to become harmful to the interests of the Company, or if any subscription or other sum payable by the member to the Company remains unpaid 28 days after the due date. Such a resolution may not be passed unless the member has been given at least 14 Clear Days’ notice that the resolution is to be proposed, specifying the circumstances alleged to justify expulsion, and has been afforded a reasonable opportunity of being heard by or of making written representations to the Directors. A member expelled by such a resolution will nevertheless remain liable to pay to the Company any sum owed by him or her.

B) Proposal B

Same as Proposal A, but with the final sentence removed.

Amend the rules on under 18s so 16 and 17 year olds can be an exception to our current rules.

Proposal is to allow those who are 16 or 17 to use the makerspace without parental/guardian supervision. The workshop is still off limits to those under 18.

Empty desk policy.

Discussion here.

Note the workshop is exempt from this proposal and benches WILL BE cleared regardless if they are deemed a health and safety risk.

A) Proposal A

  1. Any items deliberately left in the makerspace must either be left in a member storage box or be accompanied by a note explaining who they belong to, how long they will be there for, and how to contact the owner.
  2. Any items not stored in compliance with the above will be moved to the junk shelves.
  3. Large/bulky items may be dealt with differently - this will be at the discretion of the Trustees.
  4. Small items (such as electronic components, pencils and brushes) should be placed in a closed box or container of some form.
  5. All items left in the makerspace are left at the owners risk.

B) Proposal B

As proposal A, but with the following substituted for clause 2:

  • Any item not stored in compliance with the above will be moved to the lost property box. After 2 weeks if no-one's claimed the property it will be moved to the junk shelves.

Modification of the 4 week shelf policy.

Discussion here.

A) Proposal for modifications to the Junk Shelf rules to mark each item with the date of arrival

Replace the current junk shelf policy with this:

  1. Nothing is to be placed on the junk shelves without the current date on it (either directly or via a sticker) in DD/MM format
  2. Items that have been on the junk shelf for more than 1 month should be disposed of.
  3. In the event that an item on the shelf has no date, one will be assigned to it using a "best guess" approach.

B) Proposal for simple modifications to the Junk Shelf rules

  • Anyone can preserve the life of junk at their discretion by moving an item to a "younger" shelf.
  • The shelves will be rotated when full, weekly, or to some other non-fixed schedule, ie you can never really rely on the timing. But if something is on the last shelf it might be about to go.

This has the advantages of not complicating the process for users or adding additional process that I think people will not follow.

C) As B, but reworded

Replace the current junk shelf policy with this:

  1. Shelves to be numbered from 1 (oldest) to 4 (youngest).
  2. New items to be placed on shelf 4.
  3. When shelves are full, and/or weekly, shelf 1 is to be cleared and the numbering rotated.

(Items can be preserved by moving them to a "younger" shelf.)

Proposal for implementing a policy on taking on big projects from external groups or non-members.

Big projects are fantastic and have led us to do some amazing things in the past but great care needs to be taken when agreeing to take them on so to cause minimal disruption to the space and protect the members and guests. Discussion here Note we are defining a big project as something that can not easily be taken home at the end of the night or too large for members storage so it must be stored elsewhere in the space.

A) Proposal A

Any big project should come before a trustee with the following information:

  • A brief description of whats being built. While not mandatory, drawings and further detail is encouraged especially if the construction process may be considered high risk. A risk assessment can help determine this and the trustees will be happy to assist with this.
  • Checks to ensure disruption to the space will be minimal and if disruption is inevitable it is worth it.
  • There is a clear and sensible place to store the project, during construction and also when complete. Gangways, infrastructure and emergency exits etc must never be blocked.
  • ALL non members involved with the project are briefed on the makerspace rules and policies.
  • There should ideally be a main point of contact that members can speak to regarding the project.
  • If there is any money being changed hands between the space and the group this should be communicated to the treasurer.

B) Proposal B

Any project to be left in the space overnight outside of member storage boxes must be approved by a Keyholder unrelated to the project. If the project is expected to be left in the space for more than 3 nights it must be approved by a Trustee. If for more than 2 weeks it must be approved by a quorum of Trustees. In all cases the following hold:

  1. When storing the project, care must be taken to ensure that disruption to other space users is minimised and safety is not impacted.
  2. The Trustees must be made aware of the project within 24 hours of being left in the space (an email to is sufficient) - details to include what it is, who is working on it, and how long it is expected to stay for.
  3. Unless excepted by a quorum of Trustees, there must be a name and method of contact left clearly visible on the project when stored in the space. This may be an email address or phone number.
  4. The project must be removed within 48 hours if required by a Trustee (unless a quorum of Trustees say otherwise).

Review of 3D printer charges

Nothing official discussed but we informally suggested uping price to 5p per g

Note: Any alternate proposals to the above need to be fully written out as the current ones are at the end so the numbers do not change. It is enough to say "The same as 4.1 except without clause X, or with the addition of Y"

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