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These are the minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting which took place on Sunday the 3rd of December 2017 at 14:30. The meeting was chaired by Jeremy Bennett and Bracken Dawson was secretary. The agenda is here: Meetings/Agenda/2017-12-03


Welcome and overview of the last 6 months

Holly Saurus gave an overview of the last 6 months and Dean Robinson gave an overview for the workshop.

Appoint chairperson

Jaremy was unanimously appointed to chair the meeting.

Approve minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting, the 2017 AGM, were unanimously approved.


Reaffirm current trustees

The current trustees were unanimously re-affirmed.

Stepping down of trustees

It was reiterated that Patrick Moody has stepped down as a trustee.

Appointment of Rob Cowie

Rob was appointed as a trustee with 19 in favour, none against and 5 abstaining.

Appointment of Ed Chaney

Ed was appointed as a trustee with 21 in favour, none against and 4 abstaining.

Appointment of Chris Carter

Chris was appointed as a trustee with 21 in favour, none against and 4 abstaining.

Brief status of accounts

Dean gave status of the accounts, there are currently 78 paying members, average subs are between 17 and 18 pounds per month. Revenue from subscriptions is currently about £1,380/mo, of which Small Robots Company are a large contributor. There is currently around £4500 in the current account which after the two month buffer of rent leaves around £275 in surplus. The laser pot is sitting at around £1900 after repairs made this year, it was put forward that it may be considered that some of this be put to use for other needs of the space.

As of January 2018 our rent will increase from £850 to £950 per month exclusive of VAT, and it will increase again in January 2019 to £1,050 per month, this brings our rent into line with the rest of the estate, which presently has no vacant units.

Bills including rent are currently £1,150/month with Novembers electricity use being particularly high.

Ben Jacobs suggested we look for a new space. Bracken suggested that the "So Move It" subcommittee be revived to perform a due diligence search of the local area.

It was noted by Jeremy that we currently have no sponsors, though we do have corporate members.

It was noted that the landord has received complaints from other units of people parking in their spaces, and in the landlord's space. So Make it only hasthe reserved right to use the two spaces in front of the unit and we have been asked to not use spaces other than these during business hours, instead members should park out of the estate and walk in, a £40 charge can be added to our rent if this is not observed. Jeremy and Ed suggested signposting our spaces as we have seen them regularly used by people not involved with the space.

The fire extinguishers were serviced and one replaced at a total cost of £90.

The door closer on the main door has been replaced as it was slamming and causing damage to the wall.

The landlord has offered us the exclusive use of a different toilet, it does not work, specifically the water is turned off because flushing it causes a sewerage leak from a drain inside the room. There have been reports of the shared facilities being left in an unsatisfactory condition by unknown parties, it was pointed out that these toilets do not effectively "flush" when flushed and that this is the likely cause of their condition. Members to continue to used the shared facilities.

Update on actions from the previous AGM

The changes to the member levels is partially implemented, posters and the members area still need to be updated.

The grievance procedure now exists but fortunately has never been used. It was pointed out after the EGM by Peter Collins, formerly a member, that the grievance procedure has in fact been used. This was before the alterations approved at the previous meeting.

The fire door is now attached to the wall once more. Chris and Rob fixed it. Though it was noted that it had been left open all night prior to this meeting. The main door has not been secured in any further way, the assigned budget is still available and the subcommittee were requested to continue working.

One CCTV camera is active, budget is still available to complete the work. Jeremy pointed out that due to up-coming GPDR rules we will need to register with the ICA and offered the service of one of his company's staff to help us implement this. Ed offered to lead the subcommittee on doing this.

A replacement belt sander was to be purchased, but one has been donated instead.

The CNC subcommittee has suggested not buying one yet. Brittany Barrett has offered to donate hers in the case that she moves away, it is large an would need space to be made.

Ed reiterated his intention to focus on making the space compliant with Health and Safaty law to the benefit of the trustees, without whom the space cannot operate.


Amendments to Keyholders Policy

Dean noted we have more than 60 keyholders.

Ben asked if members can be told to make sure they actually do know and trust a new member before voting for them to be a keyholder. Holly notes that should this change pass that a quorum of trustees will have to meet and vote to approve each new keyholder.

Tyler Ward suggested that a subcomittee form to address Ben's concerns going forward from this proposal.

The proposal was approved with 19 in favour, none against and 3 abstaining.

The subcommittee to form to make further improvements to the keyholder approval process was empowered to implement changes they see fit by a vote with 16 in favour, none against and none abstaining.

Vote on whether to get a license to play music

Jem Gillam suggested in the case of the proposal not passing that notes be posted in the space and to the mailing list informing members that we don't have the right to play copyrighted music in the space could face a significant financial penalty if this is found to be occurring.

The proposal did not pass, with 10 in favour, 13 against and 3 abstaining.

Any other business

Mark Austin loaned the workshop a Calor gas heater, to which there were significant objections surrounding the storing of compressed flammable gas in the open in the workshop. The issue of the Calor gas heater is closed as it has been removed but the lager need to heat the workshop is still an open issue. John Dodge agreed to lead a subcommittee to specify an effective workshop heater for which necessary funds can be allocated.

Dean asked if members can remember to replenish the supply in the fridge from the cupboards when taking cold drinks.

Jem and Tyler asked the trustees to audit the members area regarding current data law.

End of EGM

The meeting was adjourned, food was consumed and Ed began installing the remaining CCTV cameras.

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