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Opening Hours

Regular Hours

Tuesdays: 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Thursdays: 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Saturdays: 2pm - 8pm

Our aim is to always have someone available during these times, every week. (We may not be open on some public holidays - it’s probably worth checking if you’re unsure.)

Ad-Hoc access

Of course we will also be opening the space for ad-hoc openings or special access times. We want to build something to help coordinate/organise this (volunteers needed - get in touch!) but in the mean time you can pop onto IRC and ask a trustee (they generally have operator status); or send a message to the mailing list.

When the space is (going to be) open we’ll try and remember to tweet out (on @MakeSoton - the So Make It twitter account) or post to the mailing list. If you notice we haven’t done so, please inform someone so that it can be rectified.

Planned keyholders

The following is a list of which keyholders will be opening on which days

Tue 2014-02-25 User:XRobots
Thu 2014-02-27 User:Chris3DSmith

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