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[So Make It Ltd]. is a [company limited by guarantee] without share capital. This essentially means that any profit made by the company goes back into the company and really does set the mark for the selfless nature of So Make It, the company and its members.

Trustees are unpaid company dircectors. As such they run the company that enables the space to exist. They are legally responsible for all administrative, financial, insurance, health and safety (etc) requirements, ensuring that they are met so that members are free and able to make the space as welcoming, useful and diverse as it can be.

Whilst trustees run the company they shouldn't have to look after every aspect of the space. Their company jobs are typically so busy that they don't have time for stocking the tuck shop or documenting tools etc. That's where members should be keen to step in and organise things themselves, at which point the trustees can join in as members to help make things happen for the good and benefit of everyone.

Current trustees are:

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