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Benjie Gillam AKA Benjie

An entrepreneur, and co-founder of web/mobile app consultancy BrainBakery Ltd. Father of two and husband of Jem Gillam. YCombinator alumni (Winter 2011) and graduate of Southampton University (First, BSc Maths with Physics).


Quick info

At So Make It

Current projects

  • So Make It - this and SoutHACKton receive most of my spare time
  • 433MHz - I plan to make a device to cheaply allow you to control 433MHz devices throughout your home.
  • Home automation - building the software to control my house
  • Tivo remote - just need the password for the client side SSL certificate, but GDB keeps crashing
  • 4WD Robot - have a Lipo battery for it, but not the cables I need.
  • MSP430 - figure out where these are useful - the 3v3 dependence is annoying


  • Programming - most of my life has been spent doing this...
  • Maths - degree
  • Network/protocols - have been dabbling with these since shortly after I started programming
  • System administration - have ran various large services online, have learned a lot from this the hard way!
  • Business - I run a few...
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