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The space provides a range of common electronics components that can help with building various electronic projects

Passive components

A stock of resistor and capacitor books in both through hole and various sizes of surface mount are kept near the soldering area. These are free to use but consider making a donation if you intend to use a significant number of them. Additional stock of components we have more of are stored in the boxes above the soldering area and can be used to refill the books when they run low. If a component that is running low is not in the additional stock boxes then please post in slack so some more can be ordered when we next need to order some.

we have the following component books

  • Resistors
    • Through hole (both in a book and in the component drawers)
    • 1206
    • 8085
    • 0603
    • 0402
  • Capacitors
    • Through hole (in plastic organisers)
    • 1206
    • 0805
    • 0402


A selection of wire is provided by the soldering station that will likely have something suitable for most use cases.

ICs and other misc components

The space has a stock of other electronics components that have been donated, these are stored in the various boxes and drawers near the soldering area and are roughly sorted by type. We do not intend to restock these components when they run out and are free to use but a dontation would be appreciated if you intend to use a lot of them.