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Help So Make It

The space has a number of odd jobs that need doing regularly. As well as the basic responsibilities of keeping the space clean, and making sure the kitchen area is kept in a hygienic state, the following tasks are always useful.

Rotate the Junk Shelf’s Our space is limited, and we get a good flow of junk donated. Unfortunately, not all it is will be used, and other things will be stripped bare. Help the space by looking at the junk, and taking any clearly rubbish items away with you. The more rubbish that members can recylcle or dispose of themselves will reduce the financial burden of waste clearance from the space.

Clear the Outside Drain Outside the roller shutter is a drain. It fills with mud. Access to the mud can be gained by listing the grating (The workshop has tools that will help). Scoop out the mud, and let rain water flow freely to its deep slumber in the drainage system.

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