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Keyholder Duties

As a keyholder you have 24h access to the makerspace but also have a responsibility to the space and its members. Keyholders are approved by a number of trustees and members in the members area on the website. As a keyholder and in the absence of a trustee you also have a legal obligation to ensure the safety and well being of those inside the space whether that be members or the public. The duties we expect keyholders to do are as follows:

Opening the space

  • Turn on any heaters if necessary (be aware of electrical safety) so the space can start warming up.
  • Put the door on the latch so people can walk in.
  • Let people know you are there and for how long especially if it isn’t regular opening times. Press the green 'space open' button to notify Slack and IRC. Consider posting to the mailing list if it’s going to be a while.

While the space is open

  • Make sure that members are following the rules i.e. tidying up after themselves etc.
  • Welcome new members and give a short tour - include:
    • Location of fire exits
    • First aid kits
    • Toilets
    • Purpose of each area i.e Social Area, Workshop, Electronics etc.
  • Preferably get to know what their hobbies are, how they found out about the space, give advice on signing up etc.
  • Don't let anybody you don't know into the space be left to their own devices unless they are being escorted by a member. A list of members is accessible on the members area of the website.

Closing the space

  • Ensure all tables and workbenches are clear and empty.
  • All rubbish should be in the bin and any full bins emptied outside.
  • All cups and mugs cleaned and put away.
  • Ensure all lights and heaters are off as well as any non essential electrical appliances.
  • Lock all the space and the building door and make sure all windows are closed.

This page should be displayed near the main entrance door in the makerspace. Please ensure any updates/changes are put there

More information about keyholder duties that can not be publicly shown including contact details can be found on the keyholders mail group. Please ask a trustee for access.

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