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This page shall list the agenda for the next general meeting, it will be forked and purged of content each time a meeting has been held.

The next meeting is our AGM on 15th April


Any edits to this page will not be picked up. Please contact Anton if you have an important correction

  1. Reaffirm current trustees
  2. Approve any new trustees (nominations open now, anyone wishing to become a trustee needs another member to propose them and another to second the. Proposals to
    1. Jem Gillam - Proposed by Anton Piatek, seconded by Chris Smith
  3. Approve the accounts (Chris to present accounts)
  4. Membership proposals (Benjie?)
    2. Any other alternative proposals?
  5. Keyholder proposals
    1. (Benjie)
    2. As above but "supporter" level is enough to become a keyholder (Anton)
  6. Grievance Procedure (Chris)
    2. Length of default ban to be voted for from options:
      1. 1 month
      2. 2 months
      3. 3 months
      4. 6 months
      5. A year
  7. Dalek Project Funding (Chris)
    1. As discussed here!topic/somakeit-organisation/CAh3g14pBW4 I would like to put £100 of SMI funds towards getting the Dalek build project off to a good start.
  8. Junk Proposal (Bracken)
    2. As discussed here!topic/somakeit-organisation/zBxvuNbsdDc
  9. Changing our general meetings as discussed here!topic/somakeit-organisation/cTncliKxmUc (Chris)
    1. Our AGM is fine - we can decide things on trello/google groups
    2. Once every 6 months is more sensible - any volunteers to chair and organise it? (doesn't have to be a trustee!)
    3. Once every 3 months is doable and I will volunteer to help chair and organise it.
  10. Personal storage proposal (Benjie)
    1. See
    2. Alternative pricing proposal also listed there.
  11. NFC locks only (Anton)
    1. Confirm that we are happy to stop using a physical deadlock and only use NFC access as described above. This is a weaker latch than the deadlock, but I believe strong enough for our current use
    2. Alternatively we could spend ~£50-£100 on a stronger electric strike/latch to improve the security.
  12. Brief NFC tag survey (Anton)
    1. Do you have a nfc tag?
    2. Would you like us to bulk order for you a .. (Anton to show examples)
      1. ..card?
      2. ..sticker?
      3. ..keyring dongle?
    3. Would you pay extra (£1.50-£2.00 vs 50p ea) for a So Make It Logo on the above?

Note: Any alternate proposals to the above do not need to be fully written out as the current ones are. It is enough to say "The same as 4.1 except without clause X, or with the addition of Y"

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