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So Make It Ltd. is a non-profit company limited by guarantee without share capital.

In order to legally exist and function a company requires directors. In our case the Trustees are unpaid members that act as the directors of So Make It Ltd.

Unlike most companies, So Make It is a member-run organisation and the Trustees are primarily there to ensure the space meets its legal obligations so it can continue to exist. They are not there to run every aspect of So Make It or decide the direction the organisation takes.

Under various acts of UK law the directors have certain personal liabilities and those influence what is expected of a Trustee of So Make It Ltd.

Trustees must take actions to ensure So Make It Ltd is:

  • Legally compliant - e.g. company law, health and safety law, GDPR etc
  • Financially solvent - e.g. monitor bank accounts and subscription payments

Trustees also ensure:

  • There is a physical space - e.g. pay the rent and rates, arrange maintenance contractors
  • We have appropriate insurance
  • Any decisions they make are reported to the membership

The Trustees can delegate any of these tasks to members, but the Trustees should maintain oversight at all times.

The Trustees may be asked to mediate between members if there is a disagreement. The Trustees also may take action against a member or guest that breaks the rules.

Trustees must be a member of So Make It and be eligible to be a company director.

In practical terms this is guideline of what is expected:

  • Meet as a group once per month (normally every 3rd Thursday of the month)
  • Come to space regularly and talk to members and guests
  • Answer emails and online messages promptly
  • Be willing to learn online systems such as google drive, wiki editing
  • Be willing to learn about relevant laws, legislation and record keeping
  • Be willing to be on the banking mandate and manage finances
  • Conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner

The Trustees are governed as set out in the So Make It constitution as well as the Companies Act 2006 and are listed here.

Trustees are normally voted in and confirmed by members at an AGM or EGM. The Trustees may also appoint Trustees.

If you are willing to be a Trustee please make yourself known or speak to the existing Trustees. It is very important that members step up regularly to take a turn at being a Trustee as without Trustees So Make It would not be able to exist.

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