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We have a CNC Machine in the workshop area of the Makerspace.

The CNC machine requires an induction, and you can find the risk assessment and details on Workshop Induction pages. Various manuals for the CNC can be found on the induction page.

Note that we have a PC in the clean room which runs Vectric VCarve Makerspace edition. This will generate GCode for the CNC toolpaths and also allow design work to be carried out.

This page covers core details of the machine, for more advanced usage of the CNC machine see the Intermediate documentation and Advanced documentation pages.

About The Machine


Manufacturer StyleCNC
Model STM6090
No. Axes 4 (XYZ + Rotary)
Bed Size 600×900mm
Effective Work Volume 600×750×150mm
Controller RichAuto A18

For further information on the machine, check out the manufacturer's website: (Note that our machine has some modifications to allow for coolant, and dust collection).

To learn more about the controller, here is the manufacturer's page:

Mist coolant system

For curring aluminium, and similar amterials the machine has a mist coolant system fitted. when cutting materials like wood to avoid unwanted coolant contact the mist coolant head should be raised up and the air supply disconnected.

To use the mist coolant connect the mist coolant air line to the air connector on the shelf support to the left of the lathe and move the mist collant head to point at the cutter/workpiece. The dials on the mist coolant head can adjust air and coolant flow. Coolant should be mixed in a 5% ratio of colant oil and 95% distilled water, there is a bottle on the shelf with the ratios marked on it.


Basic Programming

According to it's manual, the controller accepts 'standard G-Code'. Unfortunately, no further information is provided, so it is assumed it supports most of the basic G-Codes listed on Wikipedia. By default, the router always has the spindle on, and feeds and speeds are specified through a menu before a program is run. See information on the Intermediate documentation page to configure this through g code.

As mentioned earlier, the makerspace has a license for VCarve, which can also be used to program the router. For those wishing to use other software e.g. Fusion 360 see information on the Intermediate documentation page

Programming 4th axis

While VCarve has some support for the rotary axis, it is not practical as it replaces X or Y moves with the rotary, meaning you won't be able to program true 4 axis toolpaths. For true 4 axis milling you will need to manually program the moves, or find/buy a piece of software that has the features you are looking for

Spindle speeds

The machine has several preset spindle speeds which are listed below.

mode Speed
1 0
2 6000
3 9000
4 12000
5 16200
6 18000
7 21000
8 24000

USB Drive requirements

The CNC controller doesent work with large capacity USB drives (these use NTFS format by default). You will need a FAT32 formmatted drive, 8GB drives are known to work larger drives may also work but need to be reformatted with a smaller partition. A 64GB drive reformatted as a 30GB FAT32 is known to not work however when formatted at 16GB in FAT32 it does.

Avaliable Tools

There is a Stanley toolbox by the CNC that contains some tools for use with the CNC which are documented below.


The space has ER collets in 1-13mm

There are also ER collets in 1/2in and 1/8in

Flat end mills

The space has the following HSS flat endmills

diameter shaft diameter Flute length overall length
1.5mm 6mm 4mm 51mm
2mm 6mm 7mm 51mm
2.5mm 6mm 8mm 52mm
3.5mm 6mm 10mm 54mm
4.5mm 6mm 54mm
5mm 6mm 13mm 57mm
5.5mm 6mm 13mm 57mm

Other bits

There are a few countersink and chamfer bits in the box allong with a 1/4in ball endmill