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This page details information for users who want to do things with the CNC Machine beyond that covered in the induction. There is also an Advanded documentation page containing additional information for more advanced topics.


Fusion 360

Fusion 360 contains an inbuilt CAM suite.

Files containing the basic machine definition and processor are available on Google Drive. Theses can be imported into fusion360 in the Mchine window in the Manufacture workspace.

Recomended Guides.

There are a lot of options in the manufacture section of Fusion 360, the pages and videos below are a good place to start when working out how to use the software

Advanced machine settings

Reading feeds and speeds from G code input

The controller can be configured to read the speeds and feeds from the Gcode file. This option can be found in the AutoProSetup menu under G Code Setup. The options there are F Read and S Read for the feeds and speeds respectivleu which can be set to ignore or read independantly.

Style CNC have a video detailing how to configure this but information can also be found in the A1X controller manual under section 4.2.2

If changing this setting it should be set back to the skip setting when finished in order to ensure expected opperation for other users.

Tooling suppliers

If needing tools beyond those in the communinual set the following list contains information on tooling suppliers that have been used by other members.

APT (Associated Production Tools Ltd)

Apt largley sell tools for machining metals which includes a good range of tools for aluminium, they also sell a range of tooling for use on wood under the Milling/Routing-Engraving tools category. The tools usualy contain a set of recomended speeds and feeds however these may need adjusting to work well on the machine.