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This page has a list of the electronics test equipment we have that doesn't have its own page, most of this equipment is on the electronics test bench except where noted otherwise.

Power Supplies

The electronics test bench has a variety of power supplies these have voltages of up to 30V and up to 5A but not all can do this


For general uses the Rigol DS1104Z-S PLUS Oscilloscope is probably better to use but we have a couple of other scopes

Agilent Infinium 1.5GHz scope

We have a high frequency scope capable of up to 1.5GHz,

Hameg analogue scope

We have a analogue CRT Hameg oscilloscope.

Electronic load

We have an ATORCH electronic load which can be used to test batteries, powersupplies or act as a load when testing other circuits.

Signal generators

There is a two channel signal generator built into the Rigol DS1104Z-S PLUS Oscilloscope which is probably best for most cases but we also have some other signal generators

Leader LSG-10

This is a sinewave generator that can also modulate the signal based on an externally applied signal.

Escort EGC-3233

A general purpose signal generator with a single output

Frequency counter

we have a 160Mhz frequency counter from an unknown manufacturer.

Battery welder

We have a spot welder suitable to weld metal strip onto batteries for creating battery packs. It is stored above the soldering area.