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The old wiki and content it is at Selected content will be eventually migrated to this wiki as appropriate.

This Wiki is for SoMaketIt space and equipment configuration information & detail only. Any H&S rules, policies and process, and workshop tool risk assessments & inductions will be migrated to the new Induction Website Pages so it is clear what requires an induction and what does not.

Main Index (all pages must link from here)

3D Printing

Printing with Cura

Octoprint / OctoEverywhere



CNC Machine

Documentation for intermediate users

Documentation for advanced users

Electronics area

Rigol DS1104-Z-S Oscilloscope


Other Test equipment

Electronics Components

Other Cleanroom Equipment

Vinyl Cutter

Laser Cutter

Kitchen & Social Area

General Kitchen & Social Area information

Workshop tools

The workshop and all tools within it require an induction. Induction processes are tightly controlled and can be found on a separate area of the website.

Metal bender

Wood planer

Meetings and Events

Members' Meeting

Hack the Space Day

Python/Code club?