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So Make It Wiki Help

The So Make It Wiki only works if the community updates it. Here are some helpful hints on getting started!

Remember that there are no mistakes that cannot be fixed. The wiki platform records every edit, so all changes can be rolled back, improved, and merged. This means that every little modification help makes the wiki excellent!

If you see something that needs changing, go ahead and change it! If you don't know how to format it don't worry, some one else can do it later. Perhaps they'll even teach you how!

Getting Started

To change any page, simply click the edit tab at the top right of the page. (You can log in with your members area user & password).

To create a new page enter the page name in the search box and a red link will give you the option to create it. Remember your page will be hard to find unless you link to it!

To add a heading, start and end the line with Equal symbols. =

When you are done editing a page, don't forget to press the Save page button. This is important, if you navigate away from the editing page without saving your changes, those changes will be discarded.

Creating New Pages

To add a page, create a wikilink to it from another page.

To create a wikilink, Write the Page name and enclose it in double square brackets [[ ]]

For example, to link to this page put[[Help:Contents]] which will create a link that looks like Help:Contents

You can also do more advanced formatting things, which we will add to this page in due course.

To read more documentation on the formatting used on this wiki, check out the Mediawiki Formatting Help.

Adding Useful Tags to the Wiki

We have a Category system, which allows pages to be tagged into groups. A good example of this is the Tool Category. This is used in the Tools page to automatically list all pages with this Category.

To add a category to a page, enclose the category name with double braces {{ }}

This will create an inserted template, which allows us to add useful information in a searchable way.

If the category exists the category template will be brought into the page, and the the page will be grouped with other pages in the category.

If the category does not exist, the page will still be added to the newly created category. The page will also have a category link in red (Red is the universal something does not exist colour in the wiki). Clicking on the red link will allow you to edit the category template.

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