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rideride Cycle Workshop are kindly providing us with our initial makerspace and can be found here:

Address: Hollybrook Road, Southampton SO16 6PB

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It's the warehouse at the end of the road, next to the car part. The door is circled in green below, then straight through the next door (opposite) and into the warehouse. You should notice the "rideride" posters on the door/window. (If the loading bay door to the right is open then you can go through there instead if you prefer.)

Video of space being cleared out and initial setup - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le_PaPUXmHE

The So Make It workshop is based inside the rideride building in its own sectioned off area while sharing the facilities. Please give priority to rideride staff and customers in the shared areas and do not take/modify/use anything without permission.

1. The So Make It Workshop

2. Our nearest fire exit

3. Toilets

4. rideride workshop area - no entry without permission

5. Seating area

6. Rubbish

7. Vehicle loading bay/wheelchair access

8. Main entrance

The rideride workshop

Wheelchair Access

Main access to the So Make It workshop is currently through a lobby with narrow doors and several steps. There are also no disabled toilet facilities. However the So Make It keyholders are more than happy to open the vehicle loading door (it should be closed typically) if required so to get access. Please let us know if you’re on your way/outside and you need access by contacting one of the keyholders. If anybody has any ideas on how to make our workshop more accessible please let the trustees know! Bare in mind we are currently using a section of somebody else’s workshop rent free and for a limited time so installing concrete ramsps/lifts etc is not practical.

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