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Jem AKA Jem

Stay at home mum to a toddler and baby, lapsed iOS/web developer. I used to run a Beaver Scout group, but had to give up early 2013. I'm now looking to fill my sliver of free time with something non-mummy related. I would love to learn some hands on skills at the 'space and I'm really excited to join the SMI Dalek project.

I'm currently learning how to sew with a machine and improving / updating my programming knowledge

I aspire to make a fully integrated home system which will help me menu plan, make shopping lists, have an inventory of our kitchen, tell me what and how to cook for dinner, remind me when food items are going out of date, and remind me when monthly/annual chores and gardening need to be done. That's the closet I'll ever get to having a live-in helper!

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