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James Bruton AKA XRobots

My day job is in the IT dept of a large insurance company working as a Product Architect. My role is dealing with data centre product and hosting strategy for data centers within the EMEA region. I have to spread myself thinly over server, storage & SAN, backup, virtualisation, and anything that relates to hosting.

In my spare time I build all sorts of projects which I publish on my website, blog and YouTube Channel, under my 'personal brand': XRobots (

I also own a small import and sales business for creative materials: Creative Resources Distribution Limited (


Quick info

At So Make It

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My interests include

  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Mechanics
  • Sculpting, moulding, casting
  • Various fabrication techniques
  • Costuming and movie prop construction
  • DIY and construction, home improvements
  • Outdoors stuff such as climbing, kites (, and boats (
  • Developing new processes, such as heating large pieces of plastic (, and coating foam (
  • Music - I play guitar, drums, bass and a little bit of keyboards, I used to be the drummer in a signed band
  • Home recording, a little pro-audio live/studio technology.
  • Hot tubs

My Skills include

  • Basic electronics, I do a lot with PICAXE chips
  • Mould making and casting in resin, fiberglass, plaster, latex and other materials
  • General materials knowledge
  • Vacuum forming and mould making, I made my own vacuum form heater and table
  • General wood and metal working skills
  • Operation of machine tools, some CNC
  • I own a sewing machine, which I can use to attach fabric together fairly well
  • Music production on some level, I could probably set up a live show with enough beer to help me along.
  • Server & storage infrastructure product roadmaps (I guess)
  • General Enterprise IT and computer network skills

Current Projects

Most of them can be found on my website in no particular order: (

  • I'm building a small boat which I hope to drive in any direction with a vertical axis wind turbine
  • Android 11 - a half human sized bipedal android
  • A life sized Iron Man Movie suit, and eventually a machine to place the suit on the wearer
  • Messing around with a Kinect and an industrial mobile robot in an attempt to get autonomous navigation working
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