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This is the So Make It workshop area, where those offering, and those wanting workshops, can list them.


Trello is used to cover the fine detail, but the basics such as date, time and cost should be listed here for those that don't have access.

Workshops are open to non-members, fees must be paid in advance or on the day.

Marketing Workshops

There's a number of ways to drum up interest and it's recommended to use them all:

  • The Google calendar, ask a trustee for access to create and edit events.
  • Meetup, join the group and ask an organiser to promote you.
  • Facebook Page, message the page and ask to be adminified, you can make an event under this page for ticketing/marketing.
  • Eventbrite, we can do ticketing for paid events here, or just use this to drum up more interest in free events.

I do recommend using more than one ticketing system for free events, it doesn't matter that the counting is messed up, it's just a button for people to click. It gives us a rough idea. Bracken (talk) 14:08, 20 February 2015 (UTC)


Workshop Facilitator Interested? Proposed date Details
PiBot / SMT Soldering
Introduction to git version control Ciemon, Yommy, Xanadu
Shrimping it Ciemon Cheap DIY Arduino clone built on a breadboard. No experience necessary!
Arduino Projects Ciemon Arduino based projects, learn how to do interesting things with the arduino platform.
Introduction to Arduino Michael Daffin (talk) learn how to wire up and programme various common components to the Arduino or Shrimp
Raspberry Pi Workshops Xanadu Teaching how to do cool stuff with your RPi.
Soldering for beginners Introduction to soldering covering theory and techniques.
Arduino for beginners Learn about the platform that enables anyone to make the world smarter.
Microcontrollers With The Training Wheels Off (MSP430) Learn about this fantastic $4.30 development board from TI
Beginners 3D Printing Ciemon What is a 3d printer, why are they good/bad, what types are there, how they work.
Beginners Perl
Beginners Node.js Use JavaScript outside the browser, on the server, for robotics, the possibilities are endless...
Beginners CAD
Linux command line Xanadu
Vim Xanadu Super powerful text editor first released in 1991, but still relevant today.
Tmux Super powerful terminal multiplexer (a terminal can be thought of as the command line interface in a computer).
3D Printer Tricks For Experts Covering printing complex geometry, clearance for assembly or moving parts, alternative materials.
Design & Modelling For 3D Printing - Beginner Basic design techniques that apply to all CAD packages and how to slice your model & set up the printer to print.
CAD Modelling For Beginners Package selection, techniques, modelling specific features.
An introduction to python
An introduction to Amateur Radio
Workshops/Javascript Javascript Benjie, james147 Ciemon, Xanadu
LED Workshop Chris Smith 31st July 19:00 Workshop on LED projects sponsored by Instructables
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