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Electronic simon says game with four (or more!) leds and buttons. The leds flash in a random order and the user has to push the buttons in the same order.


Extra Components

  • 4x switches (+pull up resistors)
  • 4x leds (+resistors to match)


The circuit


There are two basic ways to connect a switch as an input to an arduino, The switches are connected as follows: SimonSays Switch.png The reason for the pullup resistor is to keep the arduino pin high when the switch is open, otherwise it is floating (where it can be a logic high or low, depending on interference of the surrounding wires.)


SimonSays LED.png

Complete Circuit

And here is the complete circuit:

Simon says bb.png Simon says schem.png


Right, now we need to program the game, lets start of with a basic sketch to ensure all the leds and buttons are wired up correctly:

int redledpin = 11;
int yellowledpin = 10;
int greenledpin = 9;
int blueledpin = 5;

int redswitchpin = 12;
int yellowswitchpin = 6;
int greenswitchpin = 7;
int blueswitchpin = 8;

/** The setup, this is called once when your sketch starts
 *  and should setup anything that your sketch needs. For now
 *  we just need to set the led pins to be outputs and the 
 *  switch pins to be inputs
void setup() {
    /* Sets up all the led pins to be outputs */
    pinMode(redledpin, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(yellowledpin, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(greenledpin, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(blueledpin, OUTPUT);

    /* Sets up all the switch pins to be inputs */
    pinMode(redswitchpin, INPUT);
    pinMode(yellowswitchpin, INPUT);
    pinMode(greenswitchpin, INPUT);
    pinMode(blueswitchpin, INPUT);

/** This is the main loop, it is repeatedly called after the setup
 *  has finished until the chip is reset or powered off.
void loop() {
    // Turns on an led when the matching button is pressed, 
    // turns it off when it is not pressed.
    digitalWrite(redledpin, digitalRead(redswitchpin));
    digitalWrite(yellowledpin, digitalRead(yellowswitchpin));
    digitalWrite(greenledpin, digitalRead(greenswitchpin));
    digitalWrite(blueledpin, digitalRead(blueswitchpin));

Note that this code is not looking for when the button is pressed or released, it just sets each button to the state of the switch every loop iteration.


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